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Ogo 2.0 hits FCC, texters rejoice

Chris Ziegler

Goodness, this is not a flattering shot of the new Ogo 2.0's interior. That's alright, though; it's still better than the original, and we imagine there's a healthy contingent of individuals out there searching the globe high and low for their now-ancient Ogo 1's replacement. Though there's no word on whether AT&T will breathe more life into the Ogo platform stateside, it technically possible thanks to this particular model's quadband GSM radio plus EDGE. The addition of voice calling (a feature notoriously missing from developer IXI Mobile's first effort) makes the device a legitimate Sidekick competitor -- but if we're to judge from looks alone, they've got a little ways to go yet. Check the FCC filing for some more (non-)glamor shots and the user's manual.

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