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Uncle Walt has his iPhone


The clock is ticking, folks: Walt Mossberg has his iPhone. At a speech for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Fake Steve's favorite technology writer pulled out his review unit to "oohs and ahs" and gave some preliminary impressions. With only a couple of hours of hands-on time, there were already pros and cons showing up; as far as the big question (the virtual keyboard) he noted, "In the first hour it works a little better than I thought, but I'm still not sure it works as well as a regular keyboard." Walt, fairminded journalist that he is, will be giving the iPhone a full workout leading up to a published review sometime around, I dunno, June 29.

In case you missed it, the iPhone keyboard was a big point of contention amongst the fast-talking traders on CNBC's Fast Money tonight (seriously, these guys make Lorelai and Rory sound like half-speed recordings). Check out the appearance by our own talking head Scott McNulty as he tries to settle down these overcaffeinated market geeks. (Video requires registration and US residency, some sort of SEC regulation, yeah yeah lame we know working on it love ya mean it.)

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