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Breakfast topic: Neatest land mount


Land mounts may seem painfully antiquated, now that we're all soaring around on our gryphons or wyverns or netherdrakes. But there's still a ton of them around, and you need something to look cool on while standing AFK in Ironforge. Dudeydude (sigh) of Llane asks the forums: what's the coolest land mount? (A full list can be found here.)

Of all the normal racial mounts, my favorites are the troll raptors and the gnome mechanostriders. Raptors just because they look cool and come in bright colors, and mechanostriders because they're ... mechanical! They fit so well with gnomes, and the black one looks really neat.

For the rare drop mounts, my old favorite is the Zul'Gurub tiger. A tank I know has one of these, and I was always impressed with the big orc in full Tier 2 (back when that was cool) sitting on the tiger. Midnight, who drops from Attumen in Karazhan, is also neat-looking, but the sheer number of horse-type mounts in WoW means I still like the tiger better.

What do you think is the coolest land mount? What about the worst? In an ideal world, what mount would you ride?

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