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Bungie receives an unexpected guest: Adjutant Reflex

Jared Rea

At 10:26AM Monday morning, someone -- or more accurately, something by the name of Adjutant Reflex, compromised, the website of the acclaimed Halo developers. Classifying itself as an administrator and compound intelligence (we smell an acronym), it created, stickied and released the first of what would be a confusing two days worth of messages.

"This will be a good place to begin."

The being then touched down on the HBO forums, declaring it another good place to begin. Begin what, exactly? While plenty of folks have tried, it has proven difficult to gather much information from Adjutant Reflex as, once it achieves its goals (which are vague to begin with), it tends to go into hibernation.

Though, the most recent incident, has been given a time table.

In one of its final transmissions on, Adjutant Reflex states that in 38 hours, "
Archives/Resources will be compiled." With a completion time set for 1AM (PST) Thursday morning, the community is buzzing over Adjutant Reflex's origin and perhaps, more importantly, its intent. If it truly is an A.I. slipping through time to warn us of something, it most certainly wouldn't be the first time. Until then, only believe half of what you see as there are more than a few time burglars lurking about.

[via UnFiction Forums]

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