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Sega Rally skids onto PSP this September


We never really understood what a "garally" was or why we had to say it, but our love for rapidly moving metal objects needs no explanation. Joining the previously announced PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 version on store shelves this September, Sega Rally for the PSP is described by Sega as a provider of "everything its predecessors laid out when defining the rally genre; amazing visuals, superb handling and closely fought competitive racing." And as any rally fan will tell you, the real competition comes in the form of dirt, dust and remorseless trees.

In terms of human competition, the game will feature an infrastructure multiplayer mode along with Wi-Fi support. And for those worrying that Sega Rally might be a shoehorned PlayStation Port-able game, Sega assures us that it's been developed from scratch by Flatout's Bugbear Entertainment. Garally!

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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