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Sony offers up hard drive upgrades in camcorder line

Darren Murph

While we'd already seen a couple of noticeable offerings from Sony that mysteriously touted larger than usual internal hard drives, it now seems that a bevy of Sony's Handycams are eligible for an upgrade. According to the SonyStyle website, the DCR-SR42 and DCR-SR62 can grab an "A" on the end of its title and double the HDD capacity from 30GB to 60GB for $100. The DCR-SR82 can morph into the DCR-SR82C and go from 60GB to 100GB for just a Benjamin, while the DCR-SR200 and DCR-SR300 can make the same leap in size for $200. So there you have it, nothing revolutionary, but a whole lot more capture time can be yours if you've been holding out on picking one of the smaller models up.

[Via CamcorderNews]

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