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Toshiba lowering HD DVD sales target for 2007

Matt Burns

Are the format war's heated battles winding down? Maybe. However, Toshiba's lowering of their expected sales target down 44%, 1.8 million to 1 million players, could just be market realignment. This format war isn't healthy for ether side and we haven't seen any indication that the 800,000 players Toshiba is apparently not going to sell, Blu-ray will pick up. It is more than possible that Toshiba had to lower their expectations, not because of Blu-ray, but because the two formats have scared off many potential buyers. Before the Blu-ray fanboys come'a hating though, the other side of the coin is that Blu-ray has been picking up steam and caused HD DVD to bend its knee - but something tells us it's the former of the two possibilities.

[Thanks, Mike]

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