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UK's Green Shift could result in dummy terminals galore

Darren Murph

While a plethora of companies having already joined forces to create a modern day Captain Planet of sorts, England is making sure it doesn't fall off the green bandwagon just yet by launching a Green Shift taskforce to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But the most intriguing aspect of the operation is how it could translate into more dummy terminal usage and lower sales of, say, more popular home PC software. Led by the Manchester City Council, the crew will reportedly "host functions such as office applications, email, and internet surfing on data centers rather than on individual computers," and it also aims to use 75-percent fewer resources in the actual production of computers. The initiative is said to be a full out assault on "cyber-warming," as local Government Minister Phil Woolas so eloquently put it, and the service should hit full stride late in 2009 after a brief pilot program gets executed early next year. Unfortunately, mum's the word on how these elusive data centers will connect with users and what types of hardware will be required to run them.

[Via PCWorld]

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