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50 days until BlizzCon

Amanda Rivera

The countdown on my homepage is down to 50 days until BlizzCon, and I'm all kinds of excited. Not only will we have some nifty swag, the tickets went on sale a couple of days ago. I grabbed my ticket as quick as I could, remembering the stresses of 2005, when they sold out in a day.

Now that you've got your ticket (hopefully you do), it's time to plan what you are going to do while you're there. They've got a couple of contests, as they did last time. I have been debating if I should use my pathetic sewing skills to create a costume, but I'm just not sure I would be able to pull it off. Last October I attempted to make myself a Magister's Regalia for Halloween. It didn't go so well. Are any of you planning on dressing the part during the event this year? What costumes are you creating? Will you wear it for both days of the convention, just one, or just for the contest itself?

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