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Best Buy getting exclusive HP Pavilion Verve DV2550se laptop


Wal-Mart's already gotten itself some exclusive Dell computers, and it looks like Best Buy will soon have an exclusive laptop to call its own as well, in this case coming from HP. According to The Wall Street Journal, HP will be selling its forthcoming HP Pavilion Verve DV2550se laptop exclusively at Best Buy starting next month, which has apparently been specially designed after studying "trends in the cellphone and fashion markets." While there unfortunately doesn't appear to be any pics of the laptop just yet, the company's research has reportedly led them to a black-and-bronze design, which it hopes will appeal to college students and young professionals. Other than that, about all that's known about the laptop is that it'll boast a 14.1-inch display, a built-in webcam, and sell for between $1,099 and $1,199, though we're sure we'll be hearing more about it soon enough.

[Via Computer Shopper, thanks Sean P]

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