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FIFA 08 Wii: Mii-supported party games, dev talks Wii vs. Xbox One

Ross Miller

For the Wii version of FIFA 08, Electronic Arts has turned Brazilian footballer (or soccer player, for those in the US) Ronaldinho into his own Mii character and included a Wii-only collection of multiplayer minigames dubbed "Footii Party with Ronaldinho" that gamers can play using their own Mii characters. Yes, folks, another Wii title with an added minigame collection, only this time we get a football legend with an unarguably large grimace to host.

While discussing FIFA with Eurogamer, group producer Tim Tschirner was asked his thoughts on the Wii's horsepower. Tschirner said that the console is "about as powerful as the original Xbox," though noting that the video hardware "unfortunately is not as powerful."

Shaders were cited as an issue, which is something we heard previously when Newsweek's N'Gai Croal discussed Wii and Xbox One similarities with anonymous developers. Not that the hardware limitations have hurt its sales, mind you, so can't we all just get along?

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