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More Starcraft 2 footage found online

Kevin Kelly

There's a new video up on YouTube showing off some more Starcraft 2 goodies. You can check out profiles and featured gameplay showing off these units: Soul Hunter, Phase Cannon, Tempest, and Twilight Archon.

According to the video bug in the lower right hand corner, this footage is from PC Gamer, but we couldn't find it featured anywhere on their site. Hopefully Starcraft won't adopt the Halo 3 stance which seemed to be avalanches of game screena, info, and "exclusive looks" every couple of weeks. If Blizzard just gives us a little bit at a time, we'll be more intrigued by what they aren't telling us.

Anyhow, all that aside, this video looks sweet. Where's the freakin' beta already?

[Thanks, Nelson]

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