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New Assassin's Creed info, demo next month?


Speaking to Eurogamer, Ubisoft's Jade Raymond revealed some tasty new bits of info regarding Assassin's Creed, one of the Xbox 360's most anticipated titles. First and foremost, a demo is evidently planned for next month, though the article makes it unclear whether this will be an Xbox Live Marketplace demo or a public demonstration. Of course, we'd be excited about either, but just a twinge more excited about a playable demo. Raymond also refuses to comment on theories around the game's plot elements, though Veronica Mars fans already know the full story.

Raymond does reveal that helping certain people in the game will net players several new strategic options. Previously, we heard about helping monks in order to gain their help in later missions. Apparently this extends to other groups. Apparently, each group will inhabit different areas of a city, allowing players to utilize them during escapes. For example, save village women from military abuse, and their husbands will block guards that chase you. All you have to do is remember where these men live when you're making your escape.

Finally, remember the leap of faith that ended the recent trailer? That is a move taken directly from the game, though conceivably a player would know where he was going to land. In context, a player might climb a tall building to evade capture and then leap off the top into a bale of hay. When guards finally make it to the top of the building, the player will seem to have disappeared.

All in all, it sounds like great stuff. Here's hoping we do see a demo next month.

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