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Wiimote theremin video: Set your phasers on 'totally awesome'

Eric Caoili

Dr. McCoy implored us not to post this video, yelling out in frustration, "Damnit, Jim! It's a controller, not a musical instrument," but we ignored his impassioned pleas and the draconian restrictions of the Prime Directive, all so we could share this clip with you.

Italian hacker Gianni Proietti jury-rigged a Wii remote with a laptop and some OSCulator software to work with his analog synthesizer's OSC knob, waggling the controller to produce a theremin-esque sound. To demonstrate his setup, Gianni posted a recording of himself accompanying the theme music from Star Trek: The Original Series with his Wiimote movements. Raise shields, open a hailing frequency, and do some other obvious Star Trek stuff past the post break for the performance.

[Thanks, Yoxi!]

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