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Feeling Cingular, tired of the "tic tic tic" of GSM interference


GSM radio interference is sadly the cost of admission -- a price we pay, but wish we didn't have to -- to the GSM club. One Cingular subscriber suffered a blown speaker from the interference and without recourse for the damage has started a site to talk about it. We've never heard of any property damage from a blast of RFi (Radio Frequency interference) when held too close to a speaker, radio, or other equipment, rather it is like a warning that a call or message is coming in. We were debating if this effect was as strong on a GSM 1900 network, so if you have any thoughts, chime in. The site has a nice ringtone to download, featuring, you guessed it, RFi noise as the tone. So if you are a CDMA subscriber (Sprint, Verizon, and such) and wonder what all the fuss is about, grab at it and enjoy.

[Thanks, Justin]

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