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Sam & Max episodes now available on Steam


What did the folks at Telltale Games do today? We'll tell you! They turned a Valve and streamed their sparkling Sam & Max episodic series out of a GameTap and straight into a kettle. Then they, uh, boiled it. Because Sam & Max Season 1 is now available for purchase on Steam, you see. Also, we're terrible at this. Let's try again.

Telltale Games and Valve have announced that the first episodic series to become available on Steam (yes, there was a joke there) is Sam & Max Season 1, with single episodes priced at $8.95 each. There's a 10% discount to be had during this first week of release, and those who balk at bit purchases can buy in bulk -- bundles of the first three (or last three) episodes go for $19.95 each. If you manage to miraculously avoid adventure's detective duo on Steam, GameTap and Telltale's website, you'll still have to deal with August's retail release from JoWood and The Adventure Company. You'll have nowhere to run, you lagomorph loather.

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