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Trade in the junky Fifth Element Blu-ray for the remastered one!

Nick Doerr

Did you get suckered into thinking that the coolest Blu-ray movie to get upon the PS3's inception was the incredibly colorful and flashy film The Fifth Element, only to realize upon viewing that it actually didn't have an impressive transfer at all? This blogger did. But at PS3 Fanboy, we strive to learn from our mistakes and pass the information gained onto you all. So, you may be happy to know that the folks at Blu-ray headquarters (if such a thing exists) are ready and willing to trade in those old Fifth Element Blu-rays and send you a fresh copy of a newly remastered and much improved version.

The new version is getting released on July 17th, complete with AVC encoding, two lossless/uncompressed audio tracks (the original PCM track as well as a 20-bit Dolby TrueHD track), and an overall cleaner, crisper video presentation. Sony is taking it upon themselves to get your name and address so they can contact you closer to the release date in order to dole out information how you'll go about exchanging your old movie for the new one. We'll give you the contact info below, but have your name, address, and phone number ready to be imparted to Sony whichever path you choose.
  • USA phone: 800-860-2878
  • Email:
Thanks, Sony!

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