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iGTD 1.4.4 update brings, uh, way too many new features

David Chartier

Something tells me the crew who writes iGTD (fortunately) never really grasped how application version systems work (for the record: I say this with the warmest of intentions; iGTD is the first GTD-based app that I really 'get' and use). Typically, a company releases a 1.0, follows up with a few 1.x.x updates to fix bugs and quirks, and maybe a few 1.x releases that add a new feature or two. But as anyone who has been following the last few minor updates can tell, the new features brought with each 1.x.x release are really worthy of major 2.x and 3.x releases. This morning I woke to just such an update (v1.4.4) that brings a landslide of new and handy feature updates, including:
  • F-key integration with Journler, endo RSS news reader, VoodooPad Pro, EagleFiler and WebnoteHappy
  • exporting smart folders added ('To complete' tab)
  • Don't forget! feature - use the Tasks menu option to display a sticky reminder about a task... click it to jump to the task
  • Send to stickies feature - use the Tasks menu option to display selected tasks as Apple Sticky note
  • E-mail feature - use the Tasks menu option to e-mail selected tasks via Apple Mail
  • MailTags 2.0. enhancement: flagged e-mails are imported as flagged tasks
  • MailTags 2.0. enhancement: a prefs setting to use the MT e-mail notes as a name for task in iGTD
  • last selected smart folder is saved and restored between launches
  • integration with Services menu (logout/login required): select a text in any app, go to app menu / Services submenu and use the 'iGTD/Put into iGTD inbox option'
  • new mode for search panel: 'Search by project name or note'
  • and much, much more
This update also includes a large batch of bug fixes, as well as enhancements to adding new items to lists that are sorted by various methods. Amazingly, iGTD is still donationware, and this new version should be available by choosing Check for Updates from the application menu, or simply by heading over to the iGTD site.

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