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Marathon: Durandal runs away from German ratings board


Microsoft moved quickly against the Germans and had Marathon: Durandal removed from the USK ratings board site. It is gone, it has ceased to be. Oh no, does that mean it's not coming out for Xbox Live Arcade? Nah, looks like somebody just let Master Chief's grandpa out of the bag a little early and Microsoft wants to stuff the old man back in. We'll promise to still act surprised when the game eventually does come out on XBLA.

When Marathon is revealed, it could be another DOOM scenario where they'll just announce it at the same time it goes live. If only there were a major upcoming event where they could pull something like that off. But in all seriousness, the USK, like the ESRB, doesn't just make games up. They've been known to leak info early ... but not make stuff up. Considering it's already been privately rated by the board, we'll see what's going on with Marathon: Durandal relatively soon.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]

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