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Apple GameTap 'Lite' launches June 28, Intel Macs only


Just a few scant weeks after revealing to Joystiq their plans to release a Mac client, GameTap has outlined the details of its branching service, which will debut with the free ad-supported "Lite" model for Apple users on June 28th. Like its PC counterpart, GameTap's Mac Lite client will feature a rotating selection of 30-40 games, but will not support newer Windows-based offerings like Tomb Raider: Legend. The "Deluxe" pay-to-play service will follow later in the summer, with a goal to provide a catalog of nearly 500 titles, including Saturn and Dreamcast games -- but again, Windows titles are out; so no episodic originals like Sam & Max or American McGee's upcoming Grimm. The Deluxe client will also support online multiplayer modes featured in GameTap's "Challenge" games category.

Like Myst Online: URU Live and EA's forthcoming Mac lineup, GameTap for OS X will utilize Cider emulation technology, which is only compatible with Intel-based Macs. Cider will support cross-platform competition, allowing Mac and PC players to face off in Challenge games. Which will prevail: the one-button mouse or two?

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