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Gateway issues recall for 400VTX and 450ROG Li-ion batteries

Darren Murph

Just when you were absolutely certain the voluntary recalls regarding potentially explosive Li-ions were finally complete, here comes yet another vendor claiming that your lappie just might have a problem. This time around, Gateway has proclaimed that "about 14,000" of the lithium-ion battery packs that shipped with its 400VTX and 450ROG series machines "could possibly overheat and pose a fire hazard to consumers." The packs can reportedly be identified by 6500760 or 6500761 part numbers and a "made by SMP" label on the underside of the Li-ion. To date, four reports of "overheating" and a case of minor property damage have been accounted for, so if you just happen to be viewing these very words on one of the aforementioned devices, it's time to get your RMA on.

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