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IGN conducting the Zack & Wiki hype train


IGN's Matt Casamassina wants you to buy Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. Is he communicating this by being effusive in his previews? Not exactly. He outright wrote an article called "Buy Zack & Wiki Campaign 2007."

He goes on to say that the last time IGN shattered the illusion of objectivity to promote a game (our words) was for Eternal Darkness. Because Zack & Wiki is such a competent and fun game, reminiscent of the classic PC adventure games, it is absolutely worth buying and evangelizing, in his opinion, but it may need help getting noticed.

Bafflingly, Casamassina thinks that the game could be in sales trouble because it's cartoony and doesn't depict realistic, gritty violence. That may have been the case a couple of years ago, but ... has he heard of this "Wii" thing?

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