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Sony unveils eight new projectors for business and education


It's turning into quite the week for projectors, and Sony isn't one to be left out. The company is launching eight new projectors today, mainly for lighting up classrooms and board meetings with boring PowerPoint presentations, but we won't hold that against them. The VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 are of the 3 LCD ilk, and feature 2100 lumens and 2200 lumens, respectively. The EX4 does up 1024 x 768 pixels, while the ES4 runs 800 x 600. The 3 LCD VPL-C series is headed by the 3000 lumen VPL-CW125, which does up 16:9 WXGA HD video, while the rest of the series, including the VPL-CX155, VPL-CX150, VPL-CX125, VPL-CX120, and VPL-CX100, run at XGA and sport 2700 to 3600 lumens. The W125, X155 and X125 do networking for presentations over IP, but that's about as fancy as any of these projectors gets. The EX4 and ES4 are out this month for $1,030 and $1,230, respectively, while the five XGA VPL-C projectors will be out in June and July for $2,120-$2,930. The VPL-CW125 will follow in October for $3,330.

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