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Take-Two not explaining GTA $50 million exclusive


Take-Two refuses to comment any further on Chief Financial Officer Laine Goldstein's "oopsie" that Microsoft may have paid $50 million for GTA IV's episodic content. Goldstein said during a conference call last week that they had been paid $25 million for the episodic content to be released next March and another $25 million for their next fiscal year., along with almost every other news outlet, contacted Take-Two for clarification and got nothing but the wall of voicemail and receptionists who just can't find someone to comment at the moment.

Some questions remained previously about if the GTA IV episodic content was "exclusive" (the same way Haze is a timed exclusive) or if the Xbox 360 episodes were actually exclusive exclusives (that word really gets so muddy in this industry). Take-Two confirmed late last week that the episodes are actually only for Xbox 360. And at a price of $50 million dollars, if that's how much the episodes actually were, you better believe that the word exclusive means exactly that in this case. There is also the belief that the $50 million is an advance to Take-Two on what Microsoft believes their portion will be off of Xbox Marketplace sales. Although, $50 million dollars for two episodes is still a large sum of money ... an oddly large sum.

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