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Toshiba brings HD DVD to mainstream Satellite and Qosmio laptops


As promised, Toshiba is giving its HD DVD a push into the mainstream by including drives in its more pedestrian laptop models. Today Toshiba has the Satellite P205, Satellite X205, Qosmio F45 and Qosmio G45 getting that special treatment, with prices ranging from $1,449 to $3,199 -- not quite "cheap," but it'll do for now. The Qosmio G45 also has the special distinction of being the first US laptop to include a writeable HD DVD drive. All of the laptops run 17-inch screens except for the 15.4-inch F45. The P205 is the only one of the bunch to leave out HDMI. Just for kicks, Toshiba is also tossing in Dolby Home Theater sound in the Qosmios and the X205, while a bunch of other models, including the P205, are getting Dolby Sound Room tech. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for fall to get the rest of the specs and pricing info. Hopefully HD DVD is doing a little better in the format war by then.

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