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Webjimbo: access Yojimbo over the Internet

Mat Lu

My Mac life now firmly resides in Yojimbo, the excellent snippet/information manager from Bare Bones. The only problem with this arises when I'm away from my home computer. Of course Yojimbo does offer .mac syncing, but that doesn't always work that well and sometimes I'd like access to my information from a public or friend's computer. Developer Adrian Ross must have been been in such a situation as he is now working on a way to access Yojimbo notes from across the Internet. His Webjimbo software basically turns your Mac into a specialized web server that allows you to access your Yojimbo notes in a browser from any Internet connected computer.

When you point your browser to port 8888 you'll actually get something that looks a lot like Yojimbo right in your browser (as you can see above). You can see your folders, search for notes, create new notes, etc. Unfortunately, there are some limitations. "Note editing is plain text only. You can view formatted notes (including attachments), but if you edit them formatting and attachments will be lost." Further, encrypted notes are not be accessible.

How useful you find this will of course depend on your willingness to keep your Mac on all the time. It's also necessary to point out that anytime you run a server you open yourself to potential security concerns. Nonetheless, Webjimbo looks like an impressive project. As of right now it's in closed beta, but Adrian is inviting testers to contact him for an invitation. Webjimbo will be shareware when it ships, but no pricing has yet been announced.

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