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BD+ has been finalized - avalanche of Fox Blu-ray movies expected to follow

Colin Torretta

The good news continues to roll-in for Blu-ray, with the announcement that the advanced copy-protection system, BD+ has been finalized and is available for implementation by the movie studios. While normally additional DRM is not a good thing, the delay in the finalization of BD+ is what caused Fox and Disney to massively slow down their Blu-ray release schedule. So BD+ going live means that there is a very good chance that we'll see a huge amount of Fox and Disney titles come out in the next couple months.

Interestingly, has said that "other studios, including those who currently don't support Blu-ray, have shown some interest as well" in BD+, hinting that additional studios may be coming onboard the Blu-ray train. No specifics were given, but you have to wonder how much longer Universal is going to hold out. After this week, HD-DVD is going to have to pull off one hell of a Hail Mary to win.

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