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European 360 sales "have hit a wall"


According to Screen Digest (as reported by Xbox 360 sales in Europe "have hit a wall." The report notes that the Xbox 360 thus far has failed to reach outside its typical demographic of adult males (surprise!). The report also states that the Xbox 360 brand image does not hold up nearly as well in "non-Anglo Saxon markets." Judging from disappointing sales (and advertising) in markets like Japan, it's hard to disagree with that assessment. Screen Digest concludes that Microsoft must make an effort to break free of the limited number of (notably hardcore) genres associated with the Xbox 360. Still, it's not all bad, as the article does mention that many of the year's most anticipated titles will be on the 360 this holiday season, and Xbox Live remains "a beacon of hope."

Would any of our European readers care to comment on the state of the 360 in your area?

[Via Evil Avatar]

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