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Halo 3 weapon replicas available for preorder

Dustin Burg

The guys over at Achievement Junkie dug up news that professionally done Halo 3 weapon replicas will be available this September. The replicas are being cast by Master Replicas (who've previously created Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise) and will come in two delicious flavors; the Carbine and the Battle Rifle. Both replicas are preorderable over at Gamestop for $19.99 each, but no other details are available. Though, Achievement Junkie seems to have unearthed pictures of the replicas, but we can't be sure if they are prototypes and we certainly can't tell their scale. But if these bad boys are decently sized and the craftsmanship is there, we'll definitely put down $20 so our Master Chief helmet doesn't feel so alone.

[Thanks, Jonah Falcon]

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