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AT&T begins shutdown of AMPS and TDMA networks

Brian White

We all knew this day would come -- AT&T has announced a shutdown schedule for its national TDMA and analog cellular wireless networks now that almost all of its customers are using its national GSM network. So far, AT&T has announced TDMA / AMPS network shutdowns in 18 markets by the end of 2007 and every other market in 2008. A good explanation from AT&T states that the shutdowns are due to 99 percent of customer minutes being used on its GSM network. So, that one percent still using TDMA (or, mind-blowingly, AMPS) will be forced to have their old phones pried from their fingers as soon as AT&T starts flipping power switches for those aging networks. It's all coming soon to a cell tower near you, so get the scheduled lowdown using the read link below.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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