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Doritos wants YOU to design their XBLA game


Doritos and video games don't normally go hand-in-hand, especially when the chips make your hands all greasy and stain the controllers. Nevertheless, Doritos is attempting to change that image with their Unlock Xbox contest, which will give snack-fans the opportunity to turn their video game concepts into actual, factual Xbox Live Arcade titles.

Would-be designers can submit their game ideas online at the contest's official website, along with additional pictures, video, and sound files to really drive the pitch home. All submitted ideas can be voted on by visitors to the site, with the top five designs being developed by XBLA teams, and then placed online for voting to determine the grand prize winner. The top design gets turned into an XBLA title, and will be available for free on the digital download service.

What's the catch? Well, the concepts have to be themed around the Doritos brand. That narrows down the possibilities a bit, but constraint is the mother of innovation. And there ARE a wide range of Doritos products, right?

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