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The Wii dominates yet another sales region


Australians are loving the Wii (and not just the old folk, either).

The land down under is the latest focus of Nintendo's gloating spree, as they've managed to sell over 100,000 units there. This has made the Wii the fastest-selling console in the region, which can largely be attributed to the mass appeal of the bundled game Wii Sports, no doubt. We're sure the $399.95 AUD price didn't hurt, either.

Rose Lappin, director of sales and marketing for Nintendo, thinks such a milestone is good for the industry as a whole."We are pleased that Wii has achieved this benchmark, but we are ecstatic that it attained this whilst also reaching new audiences and expanding the scope of our entire industry," he said, further adding "We promised that we would bring gaming to the masses. I think this is proof that we are heading in the right direction."

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