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Wii Warm Up: If gamers are aging, should AO games be okay?


With all the recent controversy over Manhunt 2, we can't help but think that maybe it's time to relax a little when it comes to games rated AO (Adults Only). The average age of the modern gamer is rising all the time, and we all know that games are no longer just for kids. The Entertainment Software Association has some interesting statistics on just who is buying -- and playing -- games these days; according to them, 83% of all video games are purchased by someone who is over 18, and 69% of the gamers themselves are over 18. Despite the growing number of adult gamers, however, the industry still remains behind the times on the issue of mature titles.

We're interested in hearing what you have to say on the issue. It's not about whether or not we think this particular game is appropriate -- we know some of you are pretty anti-violence, and we respect that. It is, however, a matter of intellectual freedom. In America, we have movies that are restricted to adults, and books and magazines that are restricted to adults ... so what's with crippling games for adults?

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