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5th Avenue Store hosts mysterious giant iPhone display


Gallery: Giant iPhone at 5th Avenue | 4 Photos

TUAW reader Andrew went into the 5th Avenue Apple Store late this evening and noticed a large, covered rectangular display. It was clearly an iPhone (because you can kind of see through the wrapping). Andrew chatted up a couple of employees, neither of which would admit what it was. And although someone eventually promised that the wrapper would be soon removed, he gave up waiting after about a half hour or so. Here are his exclusive pictures of the (still covered) display.

Andrew asked one of the employes how the iPhone sales would work at the store. She told him that they would not be activating the phones at the store itself. This is pretty much in line with what I heard when I called my local Apple store earlier this evening. My Apple sales person was refreshingly honest. Not only did she admit that no one at the store had a clue about how things would work regarding sales, initial stock numbers, restocking, and so forth, but also that she had no idea as to when they would receive their training. She did add that she (and others at the store) were under the impression that the phone would probably have to be taken over to an AT&T store for activation, but she also claimed that you'd need a two-year commitment, an item that I know is up in dispute and a fact that Apple employees are not yet clear on. If the no-activation-at-store bit proves true, then might it be possible to buy an iPhone at an Apple store and then just insert a SIM card and go?

All that aside, what do you think is under that wrapping?

Update: Check out this good quality photo that just popped up over at Flickr (Via MacRumors)

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