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Ask WoW Insider: Best healing class?

Barb Dybwad

Gather 'round for this week's edition of Ask WoW Insider, where we publish your questions for readers to answer. Last week we looked at when it's okay to upgrade an epic, and this week we turn to our second favorite topic after loot: arguing about civilly discussing which class is the best. Sarah writes:

I have been playing a NE Warrior since I started the game, but I hated doing instances. I consider myself to be a horrible tank and I'm sure others would agree. A while back I started a BE priest with some friends and found myself loving instances and the thrill of healing. I was also good at it. I love healing so much that I want to make a healer on my main realm where my warrior is. My question is, what is the best healing class?

I've heard that paladins are doing well and because they can wear plate, they can last longer than cloth wearers. Druids can be good, but I've heard there aren't a lot of leather healing armor. Priests are well, priests and are meant for healing, but because of the improvements on the other classes, may not be as good as they once were. I don't know anything about shaman healing. Thanks!
As Iceman once asked: "Who's the best pilot healer?" Which class would you roll for a purely healing role? Which would you roll for a powerfully healing hybrid who might want to take on other roles from time to time? Relatedly, which healing class is the worst?

Ask WoW Insider can only survive on a steady diet of your questions. Please feed us at ask AT wowinsider DOT com!

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