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The big Zapruder: Jacks, Connectors and waking the iPhone from Sleep


Are you caught at work? Unable to spend 25 minutes watching Apple's guided tour video? TUAW to the rescue! Here's our first annotated gallery of shots from the guided tour video for you to peruse as you concentrate on getting the real work in your life done on time. We'll continue adding updates this as our expert video analysts break the guided tour down into little pieces.

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Ringer silence switch. A single button on the left side of the iPhone appears to allow you to silence your iPhone ringer.

Sleeping the iPhone. Press the sleep/wake button to sleep your phone. While sleeping, you can receive calls, listen to music, and adjust the volume but nothing happens when you touch the screen.

Waking the phone. To wake up your iPhone you must first press the sleep/wake button and only then slide the virtual unlock slider on the screen.

Home button. The home button at the bottom front of the iPhone takes you back to the home screen. From what we've seen on other videos, it also acts as a "back" or "menu" button depending on the context used.

iPod connector. The iPod dock connector appears at the bottom of the iPhone between the built-in microphone and the speaker. It looks like a standard dock connector which means that if true, you'll be able to use your existing dock to at least power the iPhone.

Powering off. Press and hold the sleep/wake button for "a few seconds" to power down the iPhone and then drag the red slider to confirm.

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