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VisualHub 1.24 brings new high-resolution settings, tons more features

David Chartier

I just have to come right out and say it: VisualHub is one of the best darn things to happen to video encoding since DVD Jon worked his magic. It's a fantastic app that rocks the house when it comes to encoding videos - especially in batches - and it just got a lot cooler with a v1.24 update. Along with a healthy dose of other new features and fixes, the VisualHub crew has introduced a new high-res format for getting the most out of a widescreen H.264 file that can play across multiple devices and screen sizes. All the details and a few sample videos are provided at this VisualHub product page, but the short of the long is: this new format will allow you to encode one file that looks great on small screens like iPods and PSPs, but will also look crisp and detailed when scaled up to a screen much larger like the TV your XBox or Apple TV are connected to. As anyone who has a Mac in the basement with VisualHub chugging away on a batch of DVDs can probably tell you, this new format could very well be music to one's ears. As icing on the cake, custom settings files are even provided on the afore-linked product page so you don't have to dig around and figure out this new format for yourself.

This isn't the only new thing in v1.24, however. Full support has arrived for: 8-core Macs, full-res PSP videos at 480 x 272, speedbumps for certain encoding outputs and much more. As if VisualHub wasn't already more than worth its $23.32 price tag, these updates should entice both serious and curious customers to make the leap for a license. Of course, a VisualHub demo is available for a test drive.

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