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Austin Powers available free on Xbox Live

Justin McElroy

Beginning yesterday, Xbox Live users could download a free copy of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, which should come as a welcome relief to those of you just coming out of a cryogenic sleep, those who've been without TBS for the past decade or those who just like to get free stuff. The download is apparently sponsored by McDonald's and their "BurgerCon" area of Xbox Live. However, there's no forced McDonald's advertising on the download, which you can find on Marketplace, just a trailer for Rush Hour 3. Oh, and Dr. Evil's head has been digitally replaced by a Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.

You'll be able to get the free download until June 28 and once more from July 13-19. In another innovative marketing ploy, New Line is offering $20 and a "World's Greatest Foot Massage" coupon to Xbox Live members who download and watch Codename: The Cleaner as part of their new "We're So Terribly Sorry" campaign.

[Via GameSpot]

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