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Warhawk gets some box art, retail-specific features

Nick Doerr

What you are looking at right there is the official WarHawk boxart you will see on retail shelves in a few months. IGN got dibs on the glorious cover, but we're not bitter. We still get to see it, after all. In addition to unveiling the art, we've gathered up all the details we currently know about what will be specific for the retail version of the game. Don't ask about prices, though, because we aren't sure. We'd guess the retail version will stay at the relative price of other PS3 titles, with the downloadable version about two-thirds of that price ($59.99 vs. $39.99 in the US).

If you take the plunge and buy the retail version, you'll get a headset bundled in the package as well as a bunch of bonus stuff on the Blu-ray disc itself, like behind-the-scenes documentaries and other such things. What's good to notice on the boxart, in addition to knowing these details, is the mention of splitscreen play (under the Multiplayer Only tag). For too long have next-gen games touted online gaming as the crux of their entertainment value, but they forgot people have real friends too and they want to play. WarHawk will apparently address this and we're glad that's finally completely confirmed.

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