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Breakfast topic: Best holiday


It's Midsummer Fire Festival time, and once again I find myself having a great time doing silly little quests. I even snuck into Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind so my paladin could get herself a fire festival crown to go with her tuxedo suit and Dreamseeker Dandelion of Stamina. A lot of people seem to think the in-game holidays are wastes of developer time, but I really enjoy the little touches that make Azeroth a fun place to be.

While the Fire Festival has neat tcotchkes, and Orphan's Week lets you drag a child into raids, my all-time favorite holiday has to be Hallow's End. Egging Southshore and crashing Undercity is fun, sure, but the best part is having fun with the wands and treats in parties. There's nothing like hearing the anguished scream of a caster turned into a bat, or a first kill screenshot where half the raid is a leper gnome. I'm probably the most unimpressed by Noblegarden -- I can never find those eggs -- and the Valentine's Day events, which require way too much work. I don't put that much effort into my relationships in real life.

What's your favorite and least favorite holiday?

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