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Metroid Prime 3 details emerge from Play magazine


According to a reader at GoNintendo, stuffed within the pages of the latest issue of Play magazine are a few impressions from the staff's romp with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption at the Nintendo Media Summit. According to Play, Corruption is aimed at Metroid fans and hardcore gamers alike but will still be accessible to grandma thanks to intuitive controls. The game's long delay was to add a "Twilight Princess level of polish" and, in the magazine's own words, Corruption could be the "biggest revolution in FPS gaming since Halo".

Mighty strong opinions from playtesting the demo, but we'll be able to find out for ourselves on August 20. Hit the jump to read more impressions from Play magazine, complete with miniature spoilers!

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  • On the first level you're attacked on a spaceship while meeting the captain. A boss fight with Ridley concludes the stage. The second level is a floating city with a strong emphasis on exploration.
  • Motion controls work better than dual joysticks.
  • Super sensitive pointer in "advanced" mode.
  • Backtracking makes more sense than in previous Prime installments.
  • To switch visors, hold "minus" and flick the Wii remote in a direction.
  • As in Super Metroid, Samus' beams can be stacked.

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