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NEC's VT700 projector excites kids, bores teachers

Darren Murph

While there's been no shortage of projectors for the suits of late, NEC is looking out for the CEOs (and subordinates) of tomorrow with the VT700. This portable device features a 1,024 x 768 native resolution, automatic keystone correction, near-instantaneous startup and shut down, 3,000 lumens, an integrated five-watt speaker, DVI input, a 3,000-hour lamp life, and audio out as well. Clearly designed with classrooms in mind, the wall-color correction technology "enables accurate colors to be projected onto whiteboards, blackboards, and colored walls," and Autosense automatically synchronizes the projector with computer signals to save technologically disadvantaged teachers from insanity. Notably, NEC touts the unit's three-year warranty as if schoolkids would ever put this thing in any sort of danger, and while it's due to start shipping (not coincidentally) in August, public pricing details remain a mystery.

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