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One Boss Leaves: Onyxia vs. Sapphiron wrap-up


Last week we pitted Onyxia against Sapphiron in the battle of the dragonflights. And if the screenshot above is any indication, you should be able to make a reasonable guess as to who won. Sapphiron absolutely wiped the floor with Onyxia, as you can see from the result of our poll:

Of the responses, readers felt that even if their health and damage levels were equivallent, Sapphiron would win out for several reasons:
  • Sapphiron is an older and more experienced dragon (he lived a long life before becoming undead!)
  • Sapphiron can drain life to regenerate health, whereas Onyxia can just deal damage.
  • In our scenario, Onyxia didn't have her swarms of dragon whelps to cause trouble.
Thus far, in our epic battle of the bosses of World of Warcraft we've only seen one fight, but here's the standings so far. It's too late to have a say in last week's battle, but the next fight, between General Rajaxx and Bloodlord Mandokir is coming up this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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