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The Darkness delayed for Euro PS3 until July 20


PS3 Fanboy reports that this week's anticipated title The Darkness is hiding in the shadows for European PS3 owners another month. Turns out the game is being delayed until July 20 for the PS3, the Xbox 360 version will supposedly still release on June 29. This only affects Europe and does not change the June 25 release in the US. There is no word yet as to a reason for the delay.

There is a silver lining in this news for European PS3 owners who really want to possess themselves with The Darkness. Games on the PS3 are region free, so if you're in Europe and have a buddy in the states, just have them pick it up for you and ship it on over. There are also international games retailers, just make sure to find one with free shipping. Hopefully we can get an answer this week on what happened.

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