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Chumby specs, pricing information emerges


It's hard to believe that it was nearly a year ago that we first got our hands on the lovable, customizable Chumby, but it's true. Well, apparently the Chumby still has a few months to go until an official release (it'll be available to "insiders" in August, and to the public this fall), but at least now we know the real specs and pricing of the device: the Chumby will ship for $179.99, and will come with a 350MHz ARM processor, 64MB of RAM, a built-in microphone, a built-in accelerometer, a cleaner case and internals than we'd seen from the pre-production model, all alongside the 320 x 240 3-inch screen, two USB ports, 2W speakers, and WiFi that we'd already seen. Now, as the saying goes, all we've gotta do is wait.

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