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CNET editor details dream phone

Chris Ziegler

It doesn't take a usability expert to recognize flaws in the phones we use day in and day out, yet inexplicably, for most of us the perfect phone doesn't yet exist. The explanations range from a stall in battery technology to capitalism (manufacturers need to perpetually give us reasons to upgrade, after all) to simple laws of physics, but any way you slice it, there are improvements to be made. CNET UK's Andrew Lim has described his perfect cellphone in great detail, and surprisingly, it's not that far out -- in fact, we'd venture to say that it's completely manufacturable with 2007 technology (though the autofocus 5 megapixel cam with 3x optical zoom in a 10 millimeter body might be a stretch). One idea in particular really caught our eye: an always-on e-ink display up top (a la MOTOFONE) for the important stuff, keeping the large, bright OLED primary display off in an effort to save battery life. Click through for the whole story, it's an interesting read -- and a somewhat depressing look into just how far we are from mobile nirvana.

[Thanks, Thomas G.]

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