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eMusic gives Steve free subscription, tries to cash in on iPhone-mania

Scott McNulty

I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough iPhone related news! The latest company trying to hitch their wagon to the iPhone star is eMusic. eMusic, you might know, is an online purveyor of digital music downloads (they are the second biggest, right behind iTunes) but the cool thing about eMusic is that they sell MP3s sans DRM. Their whole catalog is DRM free, which means they have a smaller catalog than iTunes but you can play it on any device you own (and even some you don't).

They are trying to make news by offering Steve Jobs a free lifetime eMusic subscription as a thanks for DRMless music in iTunes (though I have a feeling Steve gets his music from iTunes). They are offering 35 free songs for the 'iPhone.' I won't point out that this is eMusic's standard free trail membership offer, since that would make me something of a wet blanket.

I have used eMusic before, and I suggest you check it out. I mean, free music is free music, right?

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