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Fashionistas fawn over new screenshots

Eric Caoili

Considering the popularity of Project Runway -- and yes, we admit to being avid fans of the show and Tim Gunn's flair -- we're surprised that more games like Fashion Designer: Style Icon haven't been announced for the DS.

Scheduled for release this November, the sim takes young designers through fashion school, offering opportunities for graduates to "start a workshop, accept private design contracts, supply small boutiques, and set up mail order companies." That's a lot more depth than we would've expected from a game with such a pink-and-purple-dominated palette!

We doubt there'll be any online functionality, but developer Creative Patterns promises to include multiplayer "design-offs" where you can battle your friends on the catwalk. "Carry on" and "make it work" while you check the gallery for three new Fashion Designer: Style Icon screenshots.


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