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Nintendo officially bigger than Sony in Japan

Kyle Orland

After months of outselling Sony hardware in both North America and Japan, Nintendo has edged past the electronics giant in the one area that really matters to gamers: market capitalization! Reuters reports that Nintendo's Japanese shares have quadrupled in the past four years to a total value of 6.54 trillion yen ($52.76 billion), just ahead of Sony's 6.5 trillion yen ($52.44 billion) [update: fixed typo] market cap. That's a massive 0.6 percent lead!

Before you trade in all those classic Pokémon cartridges for Nintendo stock, be aware that this sector of market is prone to swings. "This is one of those companies that is not exactly making daily necessities. One negative factor and shares could take a dive," Mizuho Securities analyst Takeshi Koyama told Reuters. And don't disregard Sony just because they're technically slightly smaller -- despite their troubles, Sony Corp. stock has risen 67 percent in the last two years, ten percent ahead of the the Nikkei average.

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