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Shadowrun reviews bother FASA

Dustin Burg

On the latest OXM podcast, Shadowrun's own Mitch Gitelman (who we had a chat with on our Fancast) talked with the guys and expressed his anger with how the game's reviews are being calculated. Gitelman's argument is that most of the Shadowrun reviews agree that the game is an innovative, fun and unique FPS experience, but deduct points due to its lack of campaign and a $59.99 price tag. He goes on to say that the game should be reviewed for what it is and not how much it costs as they never said a campaign would be included. It's an interesting argument to say the least as Shadowrun's reviews tend to lean towards what the game isn't. But what say you fellow fanboy? Should reviews take a game's price into consideration or should the content and just the content be rated? It's a difficult topic to tackle, so we're interested in hearing what you think.

[Via Games Radar]

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